Maike & Family

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Hello Maike,

On this page, you will find the preview of your best shots: great teamwork. There is lots of love in each image.

Please select the number of photos according to the package you wish to purchase by noting the image number. I recommend viewing each image on full screen and on a desktop computer. I would like to gently remind you that these images are not yet fully edited, therefore I kindly ask you to not screenshot and/or share them across social media.

What’s next?

  • When you are ready with the selection, please email me the image numbers.
  • Once I receive the numbers, I will make the necessary editing (2-4 working days).
  • The edited image will be shared via a similar gallery to this for your approval. In parallel, I will send you the invoice according to the package of choice.
  • Upon your final approval and payment of the invoice, I will send the high-quality jpeg (with no logo) via WeTransfer.
  • From that moment you will be free to use the images for printing, sharing, and social media.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

Thank you and I will look forward to your selections!


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