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Stilstaan bij zonsopgang | natuurfotografie

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It was a wonderful morning and the forecast predicted a clean morning. So I woke up at 6:00 am to hit my way to work planning a stop at a close by countryside. While I was setting up my camera to capture the upcoming colorful sunrise, just in front of me I noticed a perfectly constructed spider web with its creator right in the middle. I went closer. I stood still looking at him patiently waiting for his next prey. It was a fascinating scene and the just born sun gave a stunning color to the frame resulting in this nature photography shoot. Standing still at sunrise.

500px Photo ID: 172492689 - This was a wonderful morning and while I was around capturing this colorful sunrise just in front of me was standing a spider in its web. I went closer and standing still and looking at him. Still and patiently waiting for his n