Naam van het project: Studio portretfotografie - Ik en mijn roots
Model: Clarita
Make-up and hair style: Beamiris Rodriguez (
Fotograaf: Fabrizio Micciche

I am also interested in having a dark skinned models because I love the contrast between skin and eyes. When I look at the pictures of other photographers, I am always impressed with the beauty of their shoots of for example afro American models. There is always something special in these pictures.
Clarity is a Cuban dear friend of my wife and while talking over a nice cup of tea we propose to have her modelling for a studio photo session. She is a kind of shy but my wife and I knew that we could make some beautiful photos of her especially if playing with contrasting colors such as white, red and yellow. We used only one or two soft boxes with either a dark grey or white background. The make-up was beautifully made by Beamiris. She went for a mild make-up to not overwhelm her face. Rather the make-up was meant to make her eyes popping a bit more. The various poses were spontaneous and again non-professional models turned out to be great at producing wonderful shoots usable also for fashion purposes. We really enjoy this session and we will forward to more.