Naam van het project: Fantasie verhaal in het rood | Mode- en portretfotografie
Model: Beamiris
Make-up and Hair style: Beamiris Rodriguez (
Fotograaf: Fabrizio Micciche

Sometimes it is good to dream and step into a different type of photography projects. We live in a city rich in parks, canals and small lakes. Among them there is one with beautiful old tree that looks like one of those trees you find in fairy tale books. We could not avoid thinking about some fairy-tale-type of photos while laying on or close to it. So we packed our gear, some clothes including a red wedding dress, and went up to this park where the shoots of this gallery were taken. Originally the idea was to create images close to some fantasy-land, with surrealistic scenes falling in the category of fine arts. However while editing we thought that the photos looked good also with less editing: some up-tones, contrast, shadows and exposure tuning was just enough to our taste.