Portrait of a Sicilian Pupi (puppet) | travel photography

While walking through the magnificent narrow streets of Taormina in the wonderful company of my wife and daughter, outside a souvenir shop there was what it is to most people a simple typical Sicilian souvenir: a pupo. Any visitor of … Read More

Fantasy tale in red | Fashion and portrait photography

Sometimes it is good to dream and step into a different type of photography projects. We live in a city rich in parks, canals and small lakes. Among them there is one with beautiful old tree that looks like one … Read More

Gold lines – Portrait and fashion photography

This is a project that my wife and I had in mind already for a little while. Realize a good contrast between a naturally dark skin and some intense gold make-up was a nice challenge. The make-up was enriched by … Read More

Portrait photos of a lovely family – Children

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Agra and David are a wonderful couple with two lovely children. Their love story is very unique and inspiring. With the Atlantic Ocean between them, Aga (Mexico) and David (The Netherlands) met and fell in love in The Netherlands during … Read More

Music is our life

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This is one-of-a-kind photography project. Bram and his wife Tanja are one of the most amazing couple I have ever met. Their passion is contagious, their skills and knowledge about music is outstanding. They truly live and feel every single note … Read More

Leina & Romana – Friends Photography

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This photoshoot was totally unplanned. Leina (my sweet daughter) was with my wife and I during a photoshooting session in company of her friend and classmate Romana. The whole situation was very exciting for both and while waiting for the … Read More

Bart-Jan “moods in black and white”

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The idea of having BJ taking some portrait pictures started just out of a conversation during a party. BJ is a dear friend of mine and we see each other every couple of weeks. He treats his beard like gold, … Read More

Clarita – me and my roots

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Clarita is Cuban friend living close to us. I was interest in having a dark skinned model because I love the contrast between skin and eyes. When I look at the pictures of other photographers, I am always impressed with … Read More

Adriana and Jeroen – Indoor Wedding Photography

I am so proud to talk about this project. Adriana and Jeroen are a wonderful couple that got married some years but unfortunately, they did not have a photo shooting in memory of their union. This story really soften our hearts … Read More

Photo shoot with Leina

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This was the very first photo studio project with my daugther and I cannot hide what a wonderful experience it was. It was such a new and an exciting experience for Leina that she was jumping all over and started to improvise … Read More

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