Fantasy tale in red | Fashion and portrait photography

Sometimes it is good to dream and step into a different type of photography projects. We live in a city rich in parks, canals and small lakes. Among them there is one with beautiful old tree that looks like one … Read More

Clarita – me and my roots

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Clarita is Cuban friend living close to us. I was interest in having a dark skinned model because I love the contrast between skin and eyes. When I look at the pictures of other photographers, I am always impressed with … Read More

Adriana and Jeroen – Indoor Wedding Photography

I am so proud to talk about this project. Adriana and Jeroen are a wonderful couple that got married some years but unfortunately, they did not have a photo shooting in memory of their union. This story really soften our hearts … Read More

Photo shoot with Leina

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This was the very first photo studio project with my daugther and I cannot hide what a wonderful experience it was. It was such a new and an exciting experience for Leina that she was jumping all over and started to improvise … Read More

Beamiris – winter sunny day

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It was a beautiful winter sunny day, cold but yet too pretty to be left unnoticed. Beamiris (my wonderful wife) and I were at home that day and decided to go to the park in the city center and try some natural … Read More