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Music is our life

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This is one-of-a-kind photography project. Bram and his wife Tanja are one of the most amazing couple I have ever met. Their passion is contagious, their skills and knowledge about music is outstanding. They truly live and feel every single note filled with 30+ years’ experience on their shoulders.

How did we meet them? This is another unique story on its own.

I was at work taking a short break during which I thought to shortly visit my personal webpage to look back at a recent photo shooting. While one of my photos was on full screen, a colleague passed by when his attention quickly went to my PC screen. He asked “what a great photo, who shot that?” I replied: “well I did it; it is part of a photo shooting we completed a couple of days ago”. He was stunned because he did not know about my passion for photography. This was the trigger to start talking about what I do, what type of subjects I like and various photography techniques I use. As we speak, he said, “I work together with a great musician who actually has repaired music instruments for decades. What about giving him a photo session?” I was thrilled by the idea of taking some photos to what it felt it was a music guru in action. About a week passed by when finally the shooting date was set.

That day my wife and I packed the camera, lenses and some basic gear and drove to Bram’s house. We did not know what to expect because we never met Bram and Tanja before nor we had any knowledge on the working area such as light conditions, size, etc.

Since our arrival, the joy started! Bram and Tanja were amazing friendly. When Bram found out that my wife was Cuban, music started. From that point on it was simply a fantastic photo sessions. There were music instruments and parts, machinery and tools all over. Bram showed us some very interesting techniques as he moved on with his work. Meanwhile Tanja was showcasing all sort flutes, trumpets and saxophones. We went on for two wonderful hours, filled with lots of stories, sounds, salsa music and a joyful ambience. We got along so well that we ended up having dinner at a great Italian restaurant nearby.

We truly loved this photo session. Bram and Tanja are two wonderful, joyful and special people we all should learn from. A clear example that age is not a limitation to pursue our dreams and keep our passion alive. Age is just a number and part of our journey called life.

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