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Lonely swan

Sometime beautiful photos come to you rather than having you looking for them. I was on a walk along one of the canals close to our home taking photos of wild summer flowers. While looking around a lonely swan was sailing away a few meters before me. He looked so relax but still looking down at me with curiosity and alert. I slowly got close and I spent about 10 minutes watching him wondering around before I grabbed my camera to take some photos. I started to walk besides him and he did not seem to bother at all giving me the opportunity to photograph his movements under different angles and prospective. The sun was beautifully shining on the water sparkling some nice reflections on the water lines left by the lonely swan as he swam away. The more I was part of the scene, the more I figured that these photos were meant for black and white. Out of my shoots, I selected this image reflecting the loneliness but yet dominant presence of the swan. The reflections on the water fill up beautifully this image.