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Bruiloft foto’s van een liefelijk paar | Bruidsfotografie

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Agra and David are a wonderful couple with two lovely children. Their love story is very unique and inspiring. With the Atlantic Ocean between them, Aga (Mexico) and David (The Netherlands) met and fell in love in The Netherlands during Agra’s holiday. Since they met, their love grew and became stronger despite the thousands of kilometers between them. In situations like this, the Ocean is not the only wall standing in between two people in love because bureaucracy adds another thick layer. With the support of family, friends and some paper work, finally, Agra and David got married in Mexico and it did not take long until this wonderful couple could happily start a family under the same roof in The Netherlands.
Due to various circumstances, they did not have a “typical” wedding with all beautifully arranged nor some good photos to capture this special day. This is when we become part of their story. For us it was a great pleasure to realize this project out of which some wonderful wedding photojournalists portrait photos were produced. As we reached the ending of the photo session, we spontaneously decided to add a family photo book that included portrait and group photos capturing some family’s happy moments. Finally a wonderful family photo album is ready to be proudly shared with Agra’s family thousands of kilometers away. This is why this project was split in two photo albums: family and wedding.

We would like to thank Agra and David for sharing their story, their smiles, their happiness and for their trust in having us to create lots of wonderful and joyful photos to celebrate their love.

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead – Oscar Wilde

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